At-Home Health Services

At-Home Health Services

At-home testing for your Brand. Turnkey solution – No coding required

D2C Brands
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End-to-End Test Experience

Effortless Patient Registration

Easy Notification Management

Nationwide Physician Access

Seamless At Home Testing Process with 1health

  • Custom kits are built with return tracking associated with the kit ID
  • Customer purchases a test from your white-labeled web store
  • Doctors review and approve order
  • Test kit shipped
  • Patient facing registration page
  • Results are posted to patient portal
  • Notifications sent via email, text, and portal for every step

Plug & Play

  • Services for all kitting/fulfillment needs
  • Nation-wide physician authorization service
  • 1health lab network's expansive D2C test menu
  • Seamless integrations with your web store and partners
  • Comprehensive APIs for ordering, registration, resulting, and more

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