Patients Choice Labs selects 1health to Launch Genetic Testing to Consumers

With technology, Patients Choice Laboratories customers will be able to order tests online

The direct-to-consumer lab testing market is forecast to grow at a 22% compound annual growth from 2021 to 2031, according to research group, Transparency Marketing in its report “North America Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing Market Insights, 2021-2031” published Q1 2022, hitting an $8.8 billion valuation at the end of this decade.

PCL plans to bring its proprietary PGx test, one that encompasses more than 200 medications by determining how a person’s genetic makeup metabolizes them, to the 1health platform later this year. Besides understanding how a patient’s unique body responds to common medications, which can be life-saving all on its own, there are other important benefits to PGx testing which include helping patients with chronic conditions manage their drug regimen, decreasing the need for trial-and-error dosing, and reducing overall health care costs.

“We had been looking for more than a year to find a provider to help us go-to-market directly to consumers,” states Brad Moss, President of PCL. “The direct-to-consumer market is a growing and a strategic target for us. We look forward to going live with our innovative PGx test later this year on the 1health platform,” continued Moss.

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“Having Patients Choice Laboratories on the 1health platform means their customers will be able to order PCL lab tests online and intuitively- in minutes, not days or weeks. In addition, PCL customers will be able to understand the bioinformatics and reporting within the 1health platform, providing a comprehensive way to view and understand treatment recommendations quickly,” states 1health CEO Mehdi Maghsoodnia. “We are proud they have selected 1health as their go-to-market platform for their physicians, clinicians, and patients,” added Maghsoodnia.

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To learn more about Patients Choice go to their website at Patients Choice Laboratories | Advanced Medical Laboratory Testing | Indianapolis (

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