Dante Genomics launches advance genome testing in partnership with 1health.io

1health.io partners with Dante Genomics, a global leader in genomics and precision medicine, to help launch their whole genome sequencing test to their customers in the United States with online prescription services.

Dante Genomics is a global genomic information company that delivers clear, understandable medical reports to its customers based on whole genome sequencing. Once a person has sequenced their whole genome through Dante, they will have access to more than 90 clinical and wellness reports. These reports are generated at the click of a button within minutes with no need to re-test. Genetic counseling will also be made available to these customers. The idea is to integrate fast, accurate genomic information into healthcare to deliver more personalized medicine when you need it.

Dante Genomics is streamlining complex prescription workflows by integrating with the 1health platform which provides access to a network of independent physicians for users to obtain a prescription to order their test by answering a few questions at order entry, and upload clinical records if needed to receive approval and obtain a prescription. Now, using 1health’s online portal, consumers located anywhere across the United States can get a prescription upon approval to order their whole genome sequencing test, which provides them with the health data they need to understand their health and make informed and proactive decisions about their health whether preventive or exercising symptoms.

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“Personalized medicine needs personalized data, and the whole genome is the most personalized data available to an individual to inform better healthcare decisions,” said Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Genomics. ”We like to say ‘sequence your data once, query it for a lifetime.’ Now, in collaboration with 1health, we will be able to bring doctor-ordered whole genome sequencing to our customers in the U.S. with understandable, clinical reports available at your fingertips within minutes.”  

1health mission is to make advanced diagnostic testing more accessible and affordable in healthcare,” states Mehdi Maghsoodnia, Chief Executive Officer of 1health. “Having Dante Genomics on the 1health platform provides clinicians with some of the most advanced genomic testing to enable personalized precision care for their patients.

To read the press release click HERE

To learn more about Dante Genomics go to their website at www.dantegenomics.com

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