1health Unveils Next Generation Diagnostic Platform

With 1health’s innovative platform, laboratories can expand market reach in the clinical and direct-to-consumer segments, and launch tests to healthcare providers, clinicians, and consumers faster, all while offering improved accuracy and an intuitive user interface.

Building on its years of healthcare experience and processing nearly four million diagnostic tests since 2021, 1health has created its next gen platform to enable labs to track insurance, obtain physician authorization, facilitate test ordering and shipping, report on test results quickly, and more.   Test ordering is automated in such a way that any testing process – no matter how simple or complex – can be configured into a repeatable, easy-to-use approach. The platform’s accuracy and speed enable doctors to focus more on individualized patient care and provide better outcomes for population health.  In addition, the platform enables labs to outsource services needed in a product testing workflow to partner organizations.  Labs can also stand up a direct-to-consumer store in days using 1health.

1health’s Next Generation Diagnostic Platform is modern, cloud-based, secure and compliant, and easy-to-use for all types of testing. It drives affordable, accurate, and timely healthcare outcomes which in turn lead to higher patient satisfaction and better lives lived.

“We are entering an exciting age of precision medicine powered by next generation testing and diagnostic services. 1health’s mission is to help our lab partners make testing easy to access, affordable, and simple to order,” states Mehdi Maghsoodnia, Chief Executive Officer of 1health.

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“With our direct-to-consumer capabilities, labs can enlist a 3PL to handle shipping and logistics, send orders automatically to specific physicians for review and approval, and, if desired, allow businesses to re-package tests with their own product brand,” states Nikhil Arun, VP of Product at 1health. “The flexibility, speed, and market reach that 1health offers labs is unprecedented,” adds Arun.

The flexibility, speed, and market reach that 1health offers labs is unprecedented.

“No question that 1health is revolutionizing the lab testing experience for patients and healthcare providers,” states customer Blaine Smith, COO at Apollo Health Group. “In addition, the ability to get a lab up and running in 30 days is an incredibly fast timeline for this kind of deployment,” adds Smith.

1health’s Next Generation Diagnostic Platform saves precious time, reduces chronic process errors, improves testing visibility, and provides global reach of critical lab tests that may not be available locally.  The end result is stronger, more-trusted relationships between laboratories and their customers, better healthcare outcomes for consumers, and ultimately more lives saved.

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