Inspire Wellness@Home launches Health and Wellness Lab Tests DTC in partnership with

1health partners with Inspire Wellness@Home to bring health and wellness tests, such as inflammation, sleep and stress to heart health and thyroid to the broader direct to consumer market.

The new partnership between 1health and Inspire Wellness@Home enables Inspire to sell its innovative new health and wellness tests into the $1 billion direct-to-consumer lab testing market, which is forecasted to grow to $8.8 billion by 2031 according to research group Transparency Marketing in its report “North America Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing Market Insights, 2021-2031” published in Q1 2022.

Partnering with 1health provides the front-end and back-end platform and experience to go to market without having to build the infrastructure from the ground up and allows Inspire to focus on their primary mission of servicing their customers. The platform makes ordering convenient, affordable, and simple, and enables individuals to take control of their health and wellness decisions from the comfort of their home.

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“Inspire Diagnostics is excited to launch Inspire Wellness@Home in partnership with 1health,” said Managing Partner of Inspire Diagnostics, John Kang. “By offering a variety of at-home test options, Inspire Wellness@Home opens the door to a proactive approach to better health and living your best life. Simple to use tests, shipped right to your door, and supported by our national network of state-of-the-art labs.” Kang added.

Inspire Wellness@Home understands the need to capitalize on the direct-to-consumer market as it grows at an estimated 22% CAGR. “We are delighted that they selected 1health platform to meet their needs in this growing market and beyond,” states 1health CEO Mehdi Maghsoodnia.

Covid testing drove rapid change where healthcare providers understood that “preventive healthcare” is much more cost effective than having to take steps to treat a disease. As a result, at-home and genetic testing became part of this paradigm shift – enabling consumers to want more involvement in their healthcare decisions.

The direct-to-consumer lab testing market is expected to grow 22% and exceed more than $8 billion by 2031, according to The Transparency Market Research Report.

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To learn more about Inspire Wellness@Home go to their website at Inspire Wellness@Home (

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