Insurance & Prior Auth.

Insurance & Prior Auth.

Effortlessly Manage Insurance Verification and the Prior Authorization Process

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Streamlined Insurance Evaluation

Configurable Prior Authorization Workflows

Enhanced Patient Data Capture

Denial Prevention and Prior Authorization Journeys

  • Allow patients to update insurance information as needed in their own portal
  • Create streamlined workflows that include insurance & demographic validation and insurance eligibility
  • Enforce eligibility & Prior Auth. steps by leveraging workflow tools
  • Define explicit requirements per payer and plan

Unlocking the benefits of 1health Insurance Eligibility & Prior Authorization

  • Avoid long, costly integrations and minimize post test administrative overhead
  • Easily add insurance validation steps into any tests workflow process
  • Have a single hub where patient information, including insurance, is housed
  • Increase reimbursement by leveraging 1health's insurance/reimbursement tools
  • Automate collection of required Prior Authorization data
  • Streamline processes between multiple organizations

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